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Tira led profesional COB, 560Leds/Mt 8mm 14W/Metro IP67 220V AC Corte 10cm Blanco Neutro 4000k (Por metro)

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The Led strips with ChipCOB at 220V are strips with a consumption of 14W per meter and only 8mm wide that provide a very powerful light, they do not require any type of power supply, adapter or rectifier for their operation.


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New Multiled Model 2024

The difference with the other LED strips on the market is its dimensions and cut, this 220v LED strip can be cut every 10 cm on the marked part, it is not necessary to cut every meter and you can make runs of up to 50 meters without falls of tension, they are very flexible and adhesive. This LED strip has some points for soldering, at the cutting points (every 10cm), where you can directly solder the 220V cables that we will connect to the electrical current. They have 560 COB MicroLEDs per meter and IP65 protection. They are ideal for installations where high luminosity is required and are suitable for outdoor installation. This model gives a light effect without spots or shadows so it can be used even without a diffuser in a profile.

Technical information

Led Type and BrandCOB - 560 Leds/metro 
Nominal Power14W/mt
Color and Temperature 
4000 k
Brightness1000 LM Metro
Nominal voltage
170-265V AC
IP67 Indoor/Outdoor
Finish Double Cover Transparent PC Thermo Encapsulated
Light Angle (degrees)120º
8mm X 3mm (Length Cut as needed)
PCB/Adhesivo 3M
* Adjustable triac without rectifier


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